Old developer portfolio

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Vouch. Spook finished my commission in under an hour. They also showed lots of progress to make sure they were doing what I wanted. Rating: 100/10 would 100% recommend.


aweee, the scripts went brrrrr

He is a great scripter. I would definitely recommend him.

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What’s your Discord? I can’t DM you :frowning:

SPOOK_EXE#0001 is me discord :slight_smile:

Could you make a chat system that is displayed on a part as a surface gui for players to communicate through?

vouch spooky hansum11!1!!!11!!!

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Best scripting portfolio I have seen yet, just out of words to say something!

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hello looking to hire you for a job

[CLOSED] SPOOK_EXE Developer Portfolio

I’m not trying to be mean but…

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o ye forgot to change that lOl