Old Falcon Blox Concept Art

Years ago, I had been working on the very first concept art for my simulation idea called Falcon Blox. at first, I thought there will be sequel but then I realized that i have use them as updates for the simulator. Also having diverse simulators was’nt good. Here are some of my old Falcon Blox Concept Arts, so leave them as they are.

On the fifth art, I had to remove the crescent moon and star to avoid backlash from other developers. So sorry for this inconvenience. But that’s all I can tell and present to you.

Hope you have a good day at Roblox dev forum.



Let me know what you think about this art on this topic.


This concept art looks nice, good job on it.


These were the old Falcon Blox Concept Art from years ago when i didn’t knew i had in fact made updates for my simulator. So in other,all these 14 concept arts were older before my recent falcon Blox Concept Art came to mind. And all of these art should remain unedited as i did many years ago except for the 5th art. But anway, thanks for your reply.

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