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Hello, I am a builder that specializes in various types of builds and have about 2-4 years experience.


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can always be disscussed


my discord is CrypticsDev#5068
or try catch me ingame my joins are on


Excuse me, The first image in vibe is a free model, Made by someone else, Please do not use others work and call it your own.

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what is a free model i assure u i made everything in the image myself

And this wasn’t the right approach to come with that type of statement.

This could now cause damage to the view of how people see this profile due to you publicly pointing out a problem many buyers/owner would not want their developers to do.

What would of been a better way to resolve the issue is you adding me on discord and privately dming me about the matter. which then I can inform you that nothing in that map is free model and was built for scratch with progress photos taken from start to finish.

So in the future please refrain from publicly accusing people that can damage their image.

Thank you.

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I think it’s important that you do not call people out for using free models without pure facts. And visual evidence. People like you are destroying others influence and potential to draw in customers. So stop it matey.

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Exactly my point. Thank you for backing me up

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This is a free model, I assure you it is a free model, Above the fridge there is a hole with some writing above, Infront of that table bit there is a TV, I assure you it IS a free model, I will provide the link in a minute, Let me find this model.

Also everybody who has used Roblox Studio should know what a free model is, Toolbox is automatically up when you first open Roblox Studio.

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Well, I suppose you added a couch but other than that everything is in THIS model, here is some screen shots,


Also if you need to know who he stole this model from his user is: Game_M0D

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Heh funny cause now you’ve just exposed your friends cause I built that. It was for a game called project La and i remember that was old due to their being a soda can no couch or finished cushion chairs. i also remember putting black blocks around it so players couldn’t see it from the main build. He clearly worked on the game with me and has a auto save and is now claiming my build ill show you a screen shot of my having access to the same place In a momment

That guy was not my “Friend” also you will not change my opinion, You stole the model and I think you should admit is before you dig yourself a deeper hole, Eventually you will use someone who has great powers free model and claim it as yourself, That person could then take you entire life of building down.

I am not trying to start anything, I am just saying.

im finding auto saves rn as we speak take this to discord CrypticsDev 5068 im not letting you carry on trying to rip down my repetition.

I am not adding you on Discord, mainly for one reason I do not own Discord.

at least 5 different people had access to this studio (laggy because recorded on a bad pc)

like i said i already clamied i added a black layer around so no one can see from the OUTSIDE which i also showed the game was called Project La ONCE AGAIN.

heres the evidence. The fact you wanted to ruin my image PUBLICLY says alot about you and i think you should get some evidence before you come at people.

I did have evidence, You did not provide evidence when you called me a liar, Also I vividly remember

saying I did not want to start anything, I do not know if I did though.

Oh yeah, So I did.

idc if you wanted to start anything im not letting you damage my image and do anything to protect it if its me starting something then it is.

Alright well feel free to continue this but I am turning off notifications for this post, Good luck with you career.

what is a free model meaning as what in the map is a free model.