Old help articles still mention Builder's Club

Ever since Builder’s Club (BC) was renamed to Premium, there have been changes to the website reflecting the new term “Premium”. However, the official help website seems to have been partially neglected by these changes. The first page (and part of the second page) of this search result show a numerous amount of articles that still mention Builders Club when they should be updated to use the new term Premium.

Specific List

I could be wrong but I believe Premium is still being rolled out, region by region. They may be waiting until it is officially rolled out to all users before working on converting existing articles and documentation.


While it is still being rolled out (I think), these articles should definitely be updated considering an official announcement for premium has already been created and publicized.

Plus if newer users go to these articles they might be confused about the usage of “builder’s club” when they’re familiar with “premium”. It makes most sense to convert these articles so that they’re up to date (even though some users still have BC)