Old leaderboard solution?

Is there any script or anyway to make the leader board go back to regular? i want to be able to show kills.

The leaderboard appears differently on mobile devices in order to maintain space. The only way I could think of is by making your own custom leaderboard.

This was taken from a game last updated in 2014. Is this custom? LEQAD

I can’t tell but it seems like one made by Roblox. Send a link so I can check it out.


That is the Roblox default leaderboard, the most recent version of it.

This is a GUI used for leaderboards on mobile. It doesn’t have anything to show which value represents which, and I think the roblox developers are working on that. It cannot be customized.

My question is if there is a script to get kills to show up on it. I tried a script that worked on older leaderboards but didn’t work on this one.

Are you trying to set up a kills leaderstat? Like the one used in this game?

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Yes sir. That’s what i’m trying to do.

Same thing for pc though. Game hasn’t been updated since 2014.LEQAD

To be clear, you want KO’s to be Kills?
I’m not sure what you mean.

I know that there are many free models that can do this for you. They are only compatible with certain weapons though.

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I just want it to show when you kill someone.

Thanks. Appreciate the feedback.

ooohh. Then, if you mean a kill feed, you can make a script finding out when a player dies, and the last player that damaged them. That’s how you can make a basic kill feed.

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Here is a link to a model that was popular a few years ago:

This is compatible with Roblox’s Linked Sword, and some other weapons made by Roblox.

If you want this to work with your own weapons, you need to make sure it adds an ObjectValue to the victim’s humanoid when it kills them. The name of the ObjectValue should be creator and the value should be the player that is firing the weapon.