Old Low Poly Map

Hello Everybody Reading this Post!

I would need some Feedback on an Old Map Please
Understand this is quite OLD, And i think i got better!?
Note there is alot of Free Models!

If there’s anything i done wrong or should add or delete, Please Let me know



I would love any kind of Feedback!


I recommend to improve the illumination, it looks very colorful, you should go down a little, as for the map, you could add a little more mountains.

Good job.

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Well, it is a nice map, but I feel that it is too vibrant, and everything is too spread out. Apart from that, I can see what you were going for, and it looks very nice for an old map. The walls aren’t even, which gives it more variety, there is more variety in the types on trees, and the castle is very nice. Great job! :wink:

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Thank you…I really appreciate the Feedback…This is indeed 5 Months old!

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I Couldn’t agree more…I look back and think how much i imporved since this Game! Thanks so much for your Feedback

I do think the walls are tool box models because I have used the same exact wall type in my old games I would recomend to make it yourself (in blender or somewhere) to avoid the game making you teleport to other games when you spawn in yours, That’s has happend to me when I used free models. But overall it looks amazing, good job!