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Commission Status: Open.

Hello! My name is jxyvzz, but you can call me Jay! I’m a 15-year-old aspiring 3D Graphics Designer on ROBLOX! I have been on the platform, since 2012, and I love to develop and help out others on this platform! if you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to message me!

Why you Should Hire Me Over Others?

I am mainly active with my commissions, and I’m always dedicated and focused to get tasks done. I want to give users the best GFX as possible, and will always make sure that you’re satisfied with your order. I’m a very cool guy to talk with, and love to meet new people!

What Do You Use to Make your Artworks?

For my rendering phases, I used Blender 2.9, and the render engine I use is Cycles. I used Photoshop for my editing phases, to add up some final touches, and little effects.

How Long Does It Take to Complete your works?

Orders take around 5 to 7 week depending on the demand or quality. I can take deadlines!

Since the school year for me has started, my schedule will change from time to time depending on my personal schedule.

:clock1: Mondays-Fridays: 6:00AM(EST) to 10:00PM(EST)

:clock1: Saturdays-Sunday: 6:00AM(EST) to 11:00PM(EST)


More Coming Soon…


police officerfinal
More Coming Soon…

Thumbnail and Icon Pricing:

Thumbnails: 500 :robux_gold: or $1.75!

Icons: 450 :robux_gold: or $1.57!

Form of Payment: Group Payout(recommended)

Other Options:

Gamepass/T-Shirt- You must pay a 30% tax before ordering.

Percentage- Info is discussed with Client.


Packages are orders that contain benefits and more than one piece of artwork all in one purchase. There are currently only 3 packages you can order, however, this might change in the future.

Basic GFX Pack -This pack entitles to 1 icon and 1 thumbnail. This pack is recommended for small projects such as obbys or hangout games. The scene would contain a very welcoming scene, simplistic, but very well detailed. Rendered in Cycles, and will be edited in Photoshop.

Price: 950 :robux_light: or $3.00!

Starter GFX Pack- This pack entitles to 1 icon and 2 thumbnails. This is recommended for simulators and cafes. The scene would contain an organized plot with around 3 to 4 characters, make the scene active, and would be edited and rendered in detail. Rendered in Cycles and will be edited in Photoshop.

Price: 1,450 :robux_light: or $5.00!

Ultimate GFX Pack(Best Value)- This pack entitles to 1 icon and 3 thumbnails. This pack is recommended for roleplay, and FPS games. The scene would look cartoony, realistic, or simplistic, with the highest amount of detail possible. Will have high-quality effects and will have a welcoming open scene. Rendered in Cycles, and edited in Photoshop.

Price: 2,000 :robux_light: or $7.00!

NOTE: If you’ve ordered a package before, if you order from me again, you get 50% off a thumbnail or icon!

Commision Sheet:

I’d recommend reading this before ordering:

  1. I have the right to decline a commission anytime. The reason will always be valid, and I will tell you why it was.
  1. Please make sure that you have your decided payment ready when ordering. This just gives me to know what each party is going to get and what each is going to get in return.
  1. I will not tolerate any rudeness, racism, or homophobic slurs during the working progress. If this does happen, I will deny your commission, and you will be blocked from my services.
  1. Please don’t rush me to get your commission done. My GFX takes around 3 days to finish since I want your GFX to become the best way it’s possible, and I also take breaks.
  1. I will give you updates and check-ups regularly, so when I give out these updates, please let me know what you want to be updated or changed.
  1. All sales are final, meaning no refunds once the work has been given to you, and once I’ve been paid, even if you’re unsatisfied with your order. Like said above, I will give you updates regularly to make sure that you’re satisfied with your order. (Note: Minor things can be changed during finalization, but bigger things will not be accepted.)
  1. Please make sure that you want to commission me. This can be a bit inefficient to me, as I don’t want to waste both of our time, so make sure you have that settled.
  1. When the GFX is finished, I will send a huge watermark on it to prevent it from being stolen or scammed. I will then take off the watermark until I have been paid in full.
  1. Please make sure to tell me to put any specific characters, models, maps, etc. This will help me know what I’m working on.
  1. Any signs of you trying to scam or steal my work will result in you being blocked from my services.
  1. Please make sure your order doesn’t violate ROBLOX ToS. If it does, I will deny your commission. To view ROBLOX ToS, click here!
  1. If you order, but have not decided what you want me to do, you have 7 days to figure it out. If your timeline surpasses 7 days, I will decline your order. This is because for myself to focus on other clients, and to make sure we both don’t waste each other’s time.
  1. I don’t accept giftcards, Limiteds, or any other type of payment besides the types of payments listed in my portfolio.

You can contact me on Discord or Twitter. I recommend Discord, as I see it much easier to communicate.





REMINDER: Please state your user so that way I know who to contact. This is because I got lots of messages every day, so doing this would make it easier! Like said before, I recommend Discord to communicate as I’m much active on there. I will respond to you within 24 hours. If I don’t respond within 24 hours, try a different source to contact me. You also must follow me on Twitter to message me.

Thanks for reading my portfolio! Also if you want to see some of my latest works, you can follow me on Twitter! You can view my works here! Again, thanks for reading, and I hope to start business with you! Have a good day/night!

Portfolio Updates:

Commisions Re-Opened.

HUGE Revamp on my Portfolio.

Now accepting USD as a payment option!

Updated on December 10th at 10:27AM



You could go way higher on your prices. Do not underestimate yourself!


Thank you! I know, right now I’m keeping my prices low as I’m still improving!

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One more thing! I also have to commend how organised your portfolio is. Like including why you should be suggested over others, etc.


I friended you on discord. My Discord account is Desired#0246

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HUGE REVAMP on my portfolio! Commissions are re-opened, and now I’m taking USD as a payment option! Make sure to read all the new info on my portfolio, and make sure to check out my Twitter for some recent works!!!

This portfolio is outdated, please move to the new one for more info!!

where can we find the portofolio

The new one I’m currently making, soo once I do, i will pin it to the old one.

oh my bad, goodluck with the new portfolio

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