Old music thing

Yeah this post is gone now. Never publicly making MP3s available again xd, way 2 easy to steal.

page now: Lucid Lava - Cryptic Refinery (OST) - YouTube


By no means am i a composer, but this does give off some deathrun vibes (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing)

Question - I’ve never really played in sword fighting games on Roblox before, so is there a pre game lobby? (If so i would recommend adding a minigame into the lobby just so people aren’t bored as they wait)

Feedback - From what i have heard the music would definitely go well with this game, however it gives off more deathrun vibes than a swordfighting game!

Anyways it is all completely up to you, so my input might not matter too much. Good stuff regardless @P0_RG Keep it up!


i get a ton of fe2/synthwave vibes from this… either way this game is round based. starts in a lobby and each round brings a new map. heres the game link if you’re more interested, tons of info in the desc [Alpha] Lucid Lava - Roblox

great song. at the beginning i almost thought it was gonna go into a drum n bass type thing; maybe something to explore in later compositions?
i would try some different pads/synths for the chords that play throughout the entire song, maybe something less slow and soft for the more upbeat parts of the song
finally, just make sure that it doesn’t become annoying after it loops a few times (if it will loop)

The pads need some working, sink it into the background when the other instruments are present.

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Hi :wave: ,
first of all, you made a great Song! However, I think, that this could be more a kind of Lobby background music or general more a music for some more relaxing scenarios. I don’t think, this fit’s well with a sword-fight game that is more on the action side of things.

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Sounds like the kind of song GoodTimesWithScar would use while doing a building timelapse. Pretty cool.

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I love synthwave . I love this

Once you mentioned this, I realized how right you are.

Yes hello music is good but your post seems kinda nob. Use capitals pls.

i’m definitely gonna adjust the pads since they have way too much reverb n such. and yes it will loop for as long as the map is in use so i’ll look into that.

thanx for the feedback!

capitals = unnecessary aggravation

Not when you use them at the beginning of a sentence. If you use capitals multiple times in a word, like THIS, then that seems aggravated. A sentence seems more professional when you use capitals at the beginning of a sentence.

i’m going to have to see about it fitting with the gameplay… the game is fairly intense so i’ll to see about that. either way theres a lot of room for changes as i still haven’t uploaded it to roblox to an get id for it.

Lol probably but I have been flagged so many times already I’m starting to not care.

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