[OLD NOT USED] PHOTOSHOP // GFX ARTIST | Sailartist's Portfolio

Ahoy there! I can do photoshop work or make GFX. I have been making GFX for 2.5 years, and regular photoshop work for about the same period of time

Here are some of my work

sailartist logo

I am usually available for 4 - 5 hours on weekdays, and anytime on weekends. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work before 16:00 on weekdays

My preferred payment method is robux. I’m not so good at pricing, but I think it’ll do:
Logo / Icon: 250 - 600
Thumbnail: 500 - 1k
Channel Art: 750 - 1.5k
Please let me know if I should lower / higher the price

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord (TheDizzyDan#3028)

Thanks for reading! :+1: