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About Me

Howdy! My name is KmG4mer65 I have been designing clothing for almost 1 and a half years now. I specialize in Tactical clothing though I can make formal, casual, Sci-Fi basically any outfit. I offer the best pieces of work that meet your standards, my prices are reasonable especially considering the quality though they are highly negotiable more information in the payment section of this portfolio.
This portfolio is rather basic as I am new to using this type of website but it should work and give an understanding about me and my services. For experiences, I am a designer for ZTF [Zombie Task Force], Atlas Cafe & Bakery as well as DTA [Drini’s Tactical Apparel].


Here are all my pieces of work from past to present

Blue suit for Atlas Community Preview Bridght School uniform preview Casual Operator Uniform Preview Greek Ekam Uniform Preview Napoleonic Uniform Preview Raw's Formals preview Sci-Fi Duty Uniform preview Tomas Shelby Commission Template White Napoleonic Uniform Preview
OG 107s preview Vietnam War
HR marines uniform preview Napoleonic Uniform Preview
White Napoleonic Officer's Uniform Preview


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. You can contact me any time, though my services are not as flexible during school times where I prioritize Paypal commissions as it is my preferred method of payment, it will mostly be school work so I will not be able to work as much then unless I have spare time which I stated I will use to finish Paypal commissions. But when I do work on a commission they are always done within a few days.


My prices are highly negotiable but I prefer PayPal and my services are not cheap but they are reasonable especially since the quality and care put into the uniforms.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: Km#9552
Or through my group discord located in my Roblox clothing group.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, Enjoy your day! :grin:

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Little review

I hired KM to do some clothing designs, at first we started on a high note. He gave a good quote, ironed out details well and I had some peace of mind that’d it be a good commission.

When I asked for some pictures of progress, he said on the 21st (he’d been hired 5 days prior) he’d “send some soon”, which he didn’t despite me asking. I’m generally a really patient guy when it comes to commissions and understanding of people’s life circumstances, however he did not reply to two further messages a few days down the line.

He set his status to “taking a break”, that’s fine, everyone needs a break, I gave it a few days and just asked for a correspondence, to which his response was to unfriend me, thus meaning I couldn’t message him. There was no attempt to resolve or explain his situation to me, which I guarantee I would’ve been understanding of. It doesn’t help that I explicitly gave a deadline of May, which he did meet, which doesn’t anger me at all, but it’s not helpful.

Unless he can sort his act/response to clients, I can’t say I’d recommend Km’s services as the communication was not good at all, which is a shame as he’s talented, but sadly, in my experience, unreliable. I hope others give him a chance eventually, and that’s he’s able to give more dedication to his other clients, but sadly, that dedication fell short for me and I’ve parted ways.


An update to this;

KM was doing his exams, which I understand. He did block me and all that, which I was generally not appreciative of, yet he did deliver and I am willing to excuse it.

His work was good, although a while ago; he produced pleasing quality and I’m glad to have hired him. Working on his communication would benefit him; not as a dig, but as a genuine comment that perhaps, just talking it out w/ an employer is the more acceptable approach.