[old portfolio]

About Me

Hiya! My name is Lexi, and I’m a ROBLOX clothing designer. I’m capable of almost any style such as kawaii, soft, grunge, streetwear, merch, or even uniforms. I like to be as quick as possible when it comes to commissions for designing, it may take me 1-3 days to complete your order depending on the level of advancement or detail you would like.

(ignore the messy portfolio, I’ll be updating it soon)


You can view my assets here:


Outfit - 175R$
Shirt - 75R$
Pants - 100R$

Price may vary depending on your order.

  • I only accept robux at the moment and will decline any offers for PayPal, bloxburg money, trades, etc.

Contact Info

Discord - $alexiss#1771

  • Or you can contact me through dev forum!

Hello, I tried sending you a request through discord but it didn’t work, Can you contact me instead? Mine is: duh#4516, Thank you. :smiley: