Old R15 RightUpperLeg mesh was deleted

An old R15 RightUpperLeg mesh asset was recently moderated for seemingly no reason.

Asset link: RenderMesh

This random deletion breaks custom avatars in a lot of experiences that might’ve depended on this mesh, for example Arsenal.


Expected behavior

Harmless Roblox-created assets shouldn’t get randomly deleted like this.


I am experiencing this issue and every NPC in my game uses this mesh.


Same issue here, it’s frustrating and annoying to deal with it as I normally anticipate Roblox created assets to be safe from deletions.


Time for me to UV-unwrap my own old R15 meshes and hope it doesn’t randomly run into this issue.

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All of my NPCs are affected
Started noticing this error last night

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How the hell does this happen lmao???


I Would love for Roblox to fix this as I don’t have the time to replace every npc in my game that uses that mesh.

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As a quick temp fix you can probably put a script to replace all RightUpperLeg meshes with LeftUpperLeg at runtime.

It wont look right but it will look better than a missing leg

Seems like the asset was restored. Hopefully Roblox takes steps to prevent issues like this from happening again in the future.


They should change the meshes back to these one’s so legs and arms can be smooth

they changed it because it didnt scale well