Old Robux Logo in iPhone App [FIXED]

The old Robux logo seems to be in many places on the Roblox app. This bug always shows up for me, and to see, just look in the Roblox app.

This bug appears in many places in the Roblox app. For example, the home page, and more place.

I don’t know when it started happening, but I don’t think it was always like this.

The device I have is the iPhone 11, which is running iOS 13.1.3.


It’s a pretty common thing on iPhone’s where an update for an app will come out and lots of people wont get the auto update and have to manually update, or they just don’t have the option to update at all. Maybe it’s that?


Hello, my Roblox app is up to date, but it still happens.


Oops, I didn’t see that last part. I will test it on another device to see if that’s the issue, and will update this post.

Edit: I tested it on another device, and it was the same. Also, update history says the last update was a week ago. It also shows the new logo in some places like the catalog. I do not believe this is what is causing it.


Can confirm this happens (Tested on iphone 5c and 6)