Old Star Wars Project

This is an older Star Wars project I was working on.

I am just looking for feedback on how it looks and if I should go back to it.

Gameplay Idea:
It would have been a Single-Player or Multiplayer Story mode game. You’d play as the one in the middle, and go through a custom Star Wars story, flying through the galaxy, fighting enemies, and saving those you care about. It would have been similar to Jedi: Fallen Order, but obviously with my own entire story.

There would be advanced Lightsaber Combat and blasters, as well as a ship battle mechanic.


The ship looks a bit goofy cause it is unfinished.

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Looks great! You should definitely continue the project. I also a have suggestion for you, if you want it to more unique you could make the player on the dark side changing think up. I would love to see this implemented though you can stick to the original and it will still me good

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What about a switching campaign. Some levels you play as the Good guy, sometimes you play as the bad. It could be a fun way to switch things up, and it can follow the same story line.

Sounds good it should draw more people to your experience given the current idea