Old Style Cathedral

I’ve been working on making a cathedral, inspired by the Cathedral from Fallout 1, but built in a neo-classical building style. What are your thoughts and how can I improve it?


It is better at the exterior, but it stay good, even at the interior.

Edit: it stay very good


I love that you did the old Roblox style visuals. The stained glass on the exterior is impressive too!
Would be great to explore it as a showcase game when it is done.


To unveil more of the detail of the structure from a viewpoint far away, I would raise the offset for the fog if that’s what you’re using. Same thing if it’s atmosphere though. For the interior I recommend a hanging lighting system on the main cathedral walkway area, where the pew’s (seats) are, so people can appreciate the builds there as well; I recommend this because everything else is already lit up.


Absolutely love it. Thank you for encapsulating my youth in ROBLOX lol. 09-11 was truly a beautiful time.

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I like this design a lot. Might be my favourite building style. Keep up the good work!

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Woah, That looks amazing. Nice work!

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