oldBLOX GUI feedback needed

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I want to improve the user interface of my menus to make them look more appealing (and maybe modern).

  2. What is the issue? My GUI menus look very bland and basic

  1. What solutions have you tried so far?
    Throughout the past updates I have been improving the GUI but it still doesn’t look good

Game Link: oldBLOX - Roblox

If anyone needs more details then feel free to ask!


I would say rounded gui’s are in right now. For instance, you could take a look at real-world UIs. Take apple’s UI for example. It’s visually appealing, and invites the user to click on things.
Thin outlines don’t really look the best. Instead you could add dividers that aren’t thin but also aren’t thick.

You might also want to change your colour pallet a bit so that everything fits together. Donation buttons should be a different color from your avatar buttons, etc.

Have fun improving it!

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how could I add round edges to images and buttons though?

Well, you could use roblox’s pre-made gui types, or you could use an image gui, then use an image editing software to create a rectangle with rounded edges(that’s white so you can change the colors) then import it into roblox!

Or you could just go on google a search for a rounded rectangle :grin:

I agree with what’s above, rounded edges are in. But the newest trend seams to be completed custom UI done in photo editing software then imported via studio hope you are successful!

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Hi TyDye,

UI isn’t my area of expertise, but coming from a background in graphic design I can definitely give you some things to think about.

I think a large factor are the colors and they can distinguish between a bland UI or an immersive one. Perhaps you can try to chose some more vibrant shades as opposed to the washed out blue and darker greys that you currently have. Personally, I like to use the website Adobe Color to find complementary shades of a color that I know I want to use.

Secondly, and a little more nitpicky. Make sure your font size is consistent. You can see in the first image that the text varies greatly in size. This difference is clear if you take a look at “Cinnamon Hair” versus “Doge”. These small details play a large role in the overall look of your UI, and it’s a good practice in general to stay consistent in sizing, coloring, and font.

Thirdly, and this is more of a personal preference, consider removing the outlines on your buttons and images. Presently a lot of UIs both in the real world and Roblox are adopting a flat, simplistic styles with blocks of color (you can see what I mean below). In order to achieve this sleeker, more modern look, outlines generally aren’t used. But please keep in mind! What I mentioned is just ONE style and there are hundreds of different ideas and themes that you can go with that will look great either way. My main point here is that you should find examples but also incorporate your own vision and ideas into them.

(a real world example)
(phantom forces example)

So really the largest advice I can give you is to find examples of different UI, in Roblox Games and with Google, so you can get an idea of what tends to look good together. Your current UI is a little reminiscent of older Roblox styles, which is alright, however Roblox’s tools have advanced so far, and inorder to compete against other Roblox games, it may be a good idea to abandon your current aestetic in favor of a more modern, flat and consistent design that are seen in new games.

You certainly have the foundation and functionality of a good UI in what you’ve provided. All you have to do is change up the coloring and look at examples.

Best of luck!


Omg. How significant does the UI look compared to today’s roblox UI?

btw for buttons use Uigradient