Olicai & Hyperactive Cords Contract


Olicai & Hyperactive Cords Contract

Both Parties being Olicai and The Hyperactive Team (Being Gavineo, EmperorRyzoft and Noah_Who) will agree to both not release any information/content under the Hyperactive Cords group to anyone unless agreed on mutually by both parties.

At any time if either party does so, then that select individual/team has broken this written agreement. Both parties also agree that percentages cannot be taken away unless both parties being Olicai and The Hyperactive Team agree to doing so.

For the provided content by Olicai he shall get a minimum of 30% of the game revenue of the said project that contains his ‘content’ being any Scripts, Animations or Builds/Meshes made by him or contributed by him. If anyone chooses to leave the team then there percentage shall not be affected unless mutually agreed upon by everyone.

By Gavineo and Olicai posting this written agreement both parties mutually agree to uphold this said agreement.


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