Olinator21's Portfolio [Programmer]

About Me:

I am 16 years old and studying Computing and IT and Graphics in College and I have been using Roblox for 5 years. I have been coding Lua for 4 years and python for 2 years. I have been making GFX for 1 year and graphics for 2 years. I have just started modelling. I have also been making a game for 6 months called Apocalypse Simulator which is a tower defence which I have finished and am going to advertise soon.


My games:

I have made a tower defence game all by myself:

Snippets of my code from my game:

If you wish to see the games which I have created from groups message me for them.


blurrr Codes guns

pets Purple Plus Restart Shop Turrets Updated Gold Plus
I can send more on request


Thumbnail and Game Icon for my game:

Random Gfx:

Blender Modelling

My Castle for my lobby game:

Message me on Roblox or Discord or this page if interested in hiring me. I will mainly accept programming
My Discord Is Olinator21#4713

I have 2 ish Months from when this post is created to work full time from 10 hours-ish a day and 6-7 days a week. After 2 months I will be in college so I will be working around 5 hours on weekends and 2 ish on weekdays . I am up for working in small or long projects.


i would hire you but do you do commisions are would you take a percentage

It depends on the game and stuff.

well i was thinking like a prison game so like cars and weapons and robberys but i wanted to spice it up so i decide to add npc as citizens.

ok before i hire you i need to ask you questions

  1. can you script actually npc that can put their hands up when someone points a gun at them.

  2. can you make npc drive?

  3. can you put a aim feature for the guns

  4. can you script pets

  5. can you not ask for pay. just think of this like a fun game but you are getting paid anyways.

  6. can you program cars.

Yes, I can do all of those and what do you mean by can you not ask for pay?

well with are other programmer we had to fire him bc he kept asking for pay eveyday.

you will get paied though just don’t think about it

Ok message me on discord on roblox

ok what is it mine is iabandonedtv btw ur hired

i can’t find you. do you have twitter?

I sent you a friend request on discord. My user is: Thomasssssss#8084

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