OMG First it was the 'Loading' game now it's a bunch of scam games. I've literaly removed every plugin every script and this still keeps happening

Don’t worry about reverting your game yet. I doubt it will come to that. Make sure you do ALL of the steps listed in the above comments.

Again, do ctrl + shift + f on your keyboard to search all scripts for the keywords:


Okay! I’ll try that. I really need this virus gone. Come to think of it, I prefer the loading game more than those scam games.

I do have some good news though.
Roblox might be investigating this guy.

You said before that your players were getting sent to a “Loading” game.
You also said this isn’t occurring again.

This is probably because the game is under investigation and the game creator is banned.

I will send a link:

Okay! Thank you. Maybe it’s not doing that because his game got deleted and he’s now making more scam games.

I know how roblox caught on to this, I filed a complaint at

This is a good thing but doesn’t solve the problem. You should go and try my suggestion that I listed above with the keyboard shortcut and the keywords to search for.

There’s a chance the malicious code is hiding somewhere where you can only modify by tampering with the xml file. This post briefly goes over how a plugin of the posters can remove it by abusing a bug just how some malware also abuse a bug to get almost irremovable code from a game.

(Sorry for my poor wording too.)

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Okay! I’ll read that. Thank you!

Welp, the loading game by dsfddsf flamingo’s compromised account loading’s game is still up.

I’m fine with that, not the other games.

Probably another of the same game but I only know what I have been seeing on the forum.

How many posts about this have you been seeing? Just curious.

I think 3 others beside this one.

Oh, that’s a lot!..

Save your game as an xml file (I think it’s .rbxlx or something) and manually sift through it all until you find something malicious or not right (probably under a RobloxLocked location of some sort).

Otherwise, you might have to make a new place and copy whatever you can and whatever you know is safe. Worst comes to worse, start from the ground up.

Okay! I will try to do that. Thank you so mcuh!

Has it worked? (30 chars…)

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