omgKWABZ | 3D artist/Graphics Designer

Hello, I’m a self-taught graphics designer that goes by the alias omgKWABZ, I’ve been doing graphics designing for a few months now and I am always improving. I am a friendly person to work with, I’ve been on Roblox since 2018.

More examples coming soon.

Game Icons



What programs do you use to make your artworks?

The main programs I use to make art in Photoshop and Cinema 4D,
I use Cinema 4D to make the renders and then use Photoshop to make the post effects of the work

Why should you hire me?

I will make sure to make up for the price I charged you and I will do the work and deliver exceptional results!

Terms & Conditions

  • Half of the payment should be done when I’m halfway.
  • Depending on the difficulty, Prices can be changed in my control
  • I can deny any commission
  • No refunds or chargebacks after the work is completed!

You should put example or previous work on your own portfolio.

Your portfolio doesn’t have enough information in it. You should include showcases of your work, prices, availability, and more. You can view some examples in Template for Portfolios .

Oh, uhh I am still working on it, its incomplete