On a mission to find out how Phantom Forces made their scopes

I’m on a mission to find out how StyLiS Studios revamped the firearm scopes in Phantom Forces. I’m really curious about stuff like that because I want to learn and even add similar tech to my own creations.


yes i use a ballistic tracker, problem?

I reached out to StyLiS Studios support, and they gave me a hint and told me to zoom into a wall with textures. It appears that textures and transparent parts become invisible, so my best guess is that they put a glass material part to somehow hide the inner walls of the scope. (Roblox doesn’t render transparent parts behind glass parts)
They probably could have made the inner walls of the scope slightly transparent and removed some of the faces of the outside layer of the scope, but the thing is, I’m not someone who knows how to create meshes properly, so I’m trying to find out how to do the same with regular parts and unions.

Other games outside of Roblox do the same thing, but their methods cannot be replicated due to the engine’s limitations. (e.g. 2 cameras for the viewmodel and the world that have the same lighting)

I’m sorry if the topic seems absurd (or maybe even illegitimate) but I really want to know how it’s made so neatly.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

They put a glass cyilinder and added a decal in it

I know but the inner walls of the scope are somehow hidden when you look into it. If you make the scope transparent though, it will just look weird.

i think they used a cylinder and culled the inner walls


I think I might’ve done it, but is there a way that doesn’t involve meshes that were made using a 3rd party software? If not, I’ll take this as a solution.
Also I can upload the model for that if you want :slight_smile:

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no i dont think you can do this without modelling software

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Maybe try putting it at .99 transparency

Alright so I think I found a solution, but unfortunately, you need to have Blender for that. I’m not really good with making meshes so I’m a little upset, but that’s the least I can do.
Here’s the model I made, I hope this helps other people as well!
ScopeModel.rbxm (44.8 KB)




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