[On Hold] Important Notice if Using ColorCorrection.TintColor RGB Values Greater than 255

ImageLabels do not project onto the complex shapes of meshes, last I checked. This also seems like an inappropriate use of SurfaceGuis since I do not require any user interaction; not to mention the overhead of a SurfaceGui when compared to just a single texture.


Agreed, I don’t understand the reason for the change. I use this on colorcorrection, decals, textures, and other things on top of that. It’s very easy to make cool looking lighting by using it and also to make really nice posters among other things. I don’t see why the process needs to be complicated or outright impossible to replicate. It’s a completely arbitrary change being done for seemingly no reason, unless @iiostream would like to explain why this is somehow a necessity.


Is it actually possible to get the exact same visual effect using Brightness and Contrast? If so, how do you do that? Being able to increase the brightness of a specific RGB color by using values over 255 has greatly enhanced the lighting for my recent projects, and I’m stumped about this change.

Can you provide instruction on how to achieve the effect using the workaround you specified? What about those of us that use the unclamped values in tandem with Contrast and Brightness? How do we keep our visuals the same with that considered?


Come on…If brightness and contrast can really be used to replicate unclamped color, show us exactly how. This update is so random, I don’t understand why it’s needed.


Roblox controlling more of the available settings they provide to the developers because they can.

Heaven forbid to even be able to get the device the player is playing on.

Heaven forbid we use audios that we didn’t upload.

Heaven forbid that Roblox let’s us use unclamped items anymore.

Is Roblox releasing a new feature they won’t discuss about that REQUIRES this feature to be clamped? Or are they just clamping it now because they forgot to add the limit until now. Is there some PREFORMANCE ISSUES with this to be unclamped? Is it BAD for developers to use this unclamped ability?



I’m not one to have room to speak here but can we ignore the unclamped number and focus on the more important things in life?


The one feature that I sure wish Roblox would look into… still…

From 2019… It’s now 2022.


The truth is you can’t. Getting 1:1 parity isn’t possible and won’t be, they’re just saying that because they haven’t done any proper research on it.



I called this the “Mega RGB” glitch, which was pretty cool to have in a customization system where you let players color characters, especially 2D clothing.

But oh well, I understand this feature isn’t intended and I’m fine with the change.

Hopefully this automatically fixes the RGB values to 255 without printing an error, right?

You know, releasing alternatives before removing something would be a lot better than just removing something and release an alternative later.


Original with overclocked tintcolour: (cool results)

remake with post processing after 15 minutes:

if you love setting your games’ brightness to 7, contrast to 0.9, brightness to 0.4 and saturation to 2, this update is for you.

still a counterproductive update though geez
rip artblox


Yeah that’s true, also wedges n cornerwedges which will be messed up.

I simply don’t understand this update though.


One question: Why?

I don’t understand what clamping RGB values would help with. Sure, it’s not an intended feature, but other engines basically turned it into an unofficial feature with even some explaining how to do it in their docs. There is no true alternative to this behavior and it will break visuals in some games.


I too use this, as I can use it for neon signs which are more legible at a distance versus parts. To see it be clamped would restrict a part of my build flow, and result in me redesigning a complex part of my showcase.


Can we get an answer as to why this is changing?

I think a lot of developers would appreciate it if there was a reason behind this because so far it’s a negatively impacting update with no reason to back it up. A little clarity would be nice.


This. Sick of Roblox just throwing crap our way and expecting us to roll with it.

“Hey, we’re going to remove this really good functionality you’ve had for years! What? An alternative? You can have an alternative… sometime… maybe… in like, 3 years.”


Make that 39 years. And in beta for another 15 years only to finally be public 9 years later.


ah, videoframes. can’t wait! only 6 more years to go


Roblox expects us to go with these terrible updates and calls themselves good. Best platform 10/10


“Powering imagination”