On phone, “Report Bug” and “New Topic” buttons are on a separate line below the “Categories” button

Reproduction Steps

  1. On a phone, go to the DevForum homepage.
  2. Observe how the “Report Bug” and “New Topic” buttons are on a separate line below the “Categories” button.


  • Device: iPhone 14 Pro
  • Browser: Safari 17.4.1
  • Viewport resolution: 393x852

Expected Behavior
On phone, the “Report Bug” and “New Topic” buttons should be on the same line as the “Categories” button.

Here is a screenshot from April 19 of this year that shows their previous position.

Actual Behavior
On phone, “Report Bug” and “New Topic” buttons are on a separate line below the “Categories” button.

Click for a picture of actual behavior.

Date First Experienced: 2024-05-03
Date Last Experienced: 2024-05-04


Not happening to me, or it has been fixed?

I’ve cleared my cache, and I’m still experiencing this issue. Thank you for your concern, though!

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It might be your devices resolution?

Looks like it would be a tight fit to me, works perfectly fine on my Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Would argue that this isn’t a bug and it’s just an issue with your display size being set too small perhaps?

From a quick search, I found that my device’s resolution is 2556px x 1179px (hopefully, that might help the engineers).

I see your point, but I highly doubt this is the case. If it was, both buttons would have always appeared below the categories menu for me. Something must have been changed.

If it helps, here is a video of the actual behavior. After I refresh the page, both buttons appear below the categories menu. It seems related to the issue with the bug report button not appearing.

By resolution, I don’t mean that one, I’m running at a similar one (I think 2350x1080 since I don’t use the 1440p one).

There’s a viewport resolution, sorta like what you have in the Roblox app, where UI is scaled bigger to match your device.

Mine gets reported as 412x892 using this tool, I’d recommend trying yourself: Device Details

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Alright, my device’s resolution is 393x852 according to that tool.

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Yeah, I think those 20 pixels difference is causing it. Probably requires a minimum width of 400px to show on one line.

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