"On Roblox" Badge Vectorized with .Ai and .PNG files!

Couldn’t find Since it’s difficult to get the “On Roblox” badge directly, I decided to vectorize it for quick access for everyone’s use.

Feel free to request anything or ask questions in the replies!

Link to download: "On Roblox" Badge - Google Drive

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Cool initiative but I suggest downloading it from the legal website still to know how, where and when it should be used. Also there doesn’t seem to be a black on white version of the logo if you could add that :v:


Hi, the reason I’m doing this is because you can only download the guidelines and not the badge itself, which is a inconvenience for a lot of people.

And what do you mean black and white version? The logo is 100% white.

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If you click on any logos on page 4 of the pdf it redirects to a Dropbox file but I guess it’s not very well precised :sweat_smile: so yeah I’d say your post will still be helpful for finding the ON ROBLOX branding quicker.

By black on white I meant just like a light mode version of the logo


I mean then in that case… just put a black color overlay over it…?

Didn’t know that those were buttons! I see finally that’s how you get to it. I’d imagine someone would find this over first the actual PDF anyways


Thanks very much Ego!

Much needed and I still don’t get why Roblox hasn’t made a vectorised version for developers to use already. Props to you!


To add to this, I’ve made two thumbnail designs on Canva that everyone can use to make their thumbnails. These two designs follow the rules of logo positioning.
I would also recommend people to use this size as an experience thumbnail format because I often see people have a too small or too big image that totally doesn’t fit into the experience page.

Dark one

White one