On ROBLOX Studio, why does my chat GUI disappear?

I am currently finished with my Custom Anti-Chat-Flood System Script, (similar to Merely’s), and now i have to test it with ROBLOX studio, but the chat GUI disappeared into the blue.
Proof; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V38Ex9nKdY&feature=youtu.be

You may wanna check your script(s) to see if anything turns it invisible. That’s what I think may be the issue atm. If that’s not it, try maybe doing some print() debugging.

There is a bug with the new Accurate Play Solo where it appears that the ChatScript is not added fast enough to the StarterPlayerScripts. Until it is fixed, I would recommend publishing it to a place and then testing it in that place rather than testing in using Play Solo mode in Studio.


Okay, thanks.

You can disable Accurate Play Solo from the settings menu. This should allow you to test your code until this bug is fixed.

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Just put the script where they would normally be and it will work just fine

We are actively investigating this issue. Hoping to get a fix out in the next few weeks.


didnt work lol

Alright, thanks