OnClose page should link to BindToClose

Several times I have encountered situations where people realised game.OnClose was deprecated, but kept using it because they did not realise that there is a non-deprecated way to bind functions to run before shutdown (game::BindToClose).

To alleviate issues like this, I think there should be a link on this page:
To this page:

So that people are redirected to the non-deprecated method when they look up OnClose.

I would also like to suggest doing similar linking for other/future deprecated members which have a non-deprecated workaround / alternative that functions similarly to the deprecated member.

(cc @cowbear16 @bakmamba74 @UristMcSparks )


I’ve encountered this issue a lot and there isn’t much information on the proper fix. The wiki needs to link to BindToClose

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I agree with this, I didn’t know about BindToClose until fairly recently, it would have been nice to have it referenced on the OnClose wiki page.

Sounds like a good idea. Will add.


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