One of my best works

One of the works is one of my favorites, just like my skeleton. I put a lot of effort into it to inspire you. i worked on the ideas and implementation of this work for about 6 days.

i’ll be happy with anyone who leaves feedback. it’s a sign for me that i’m not doing these beautiful works in vain. (i’ll be happy even if you leave a negative review)


This work you’ve made is amazing! I’m curious to know how long this took you.

I hope whatever you are working on turns out well! Well modelled and realistic, you should definitely be proud of yourself! :+1:


Thanks a lot for the feedback!:heart::muscle: I worked on it for maybe a week or more (i mentioned 6 days in the description), but i didn’t really keep track of time because i was really into the work.


That takes a lot of dedication! Keep it up!