One of my servers just lost all functionality (HTTP 503)

Hi, so I got a roleplaying game with about 10 servers, and all is working (have been for min 1 day) except for one server.

I have tried restarting most of the essential scripts using the console, but nothing fix it.
The game basically breaks for all players the sec they join, by failing to load stats, rank and all other functions tied to a server script.

Here is some of the errors printed in console:

At one point, I also saw an error from the ‘UserHasBadgeAsync()’ that said something about ‘http’ and ‘JSON’ that I have never seen before. (Players get a badge when joining for the first time)

I shut the server down in the browser, but have noticed this once before and don’t want this to be a common issue. Anyone dealt with this before?

This is most likely a bug, in fact I’m certain it’s a bug as it’s an internal server error and reads Service Unavailable.

I’d suggest opening a #platform-feedback:engine-bugs topic so engineers can look into this.