One of the character from my game

This is one of the characters for my game.

I do have a minor issue with this is that I can’t color the character’s hands and feet and except for these issues, it’s working fine. I am importing character using Avatar Importer R15 Character.


Wow, it looks cute. I got hungry :grinning:


The eyes of your character are not attached to anything, makes it look unsuitable for such a category of games.


Thanks for the feedback, but I think it’s look good. There would be different kind of character’s in game so eyes out of the body is good option…

looks good, but the realistic and unrealistic throw me off a tad

looks cool! just a question, is the sausage supposed to be that thin?

Why are the eyes, arms and legs not even attatched to the body?

I made sausage with the reference on the side, so yet, it can be that thin. But I can make it thick if required…

That’s how the character in my game will be…

I asked why they aren’t attatched

I have designed it like this intentionally, though other parts are hidden…

Yeah reminds me of Rayman his arms and legs are not attached :grin:


9/10. Good job! Although the textures rival the cartoony hands, I like it!

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its not required :slightly_smiling_face: it was just a question

I just made it thick and shared in Cool Creation with your tag…