One Piece Rose | FAQ

Q: Can I plz become Mod? i won’t aa pls!

A: No Moderator Apps anytime soon

Q: What devil fruits will be on release!?

A: Human, Spin, Door, Invisibility, Quake, Smoke, Magma, Ice, Light, Chop, & Flame.

Q: Will my GPs from OP:T transfer over here?

A: No.

Q: Will my stats reset on free release?

A: No

Q: OMG! When I click repeat quest it unequips my weapon/combat!

A: That happens to prevent autoclickers

Q: When is release date?!

A: Paid - February 21st Free - February 28th

Q: Why can’t I swim/geppo/etc on mobile???

A: Mobile isn’t fully implemented yet

Q: What are the current races?

A: Variations of Mink and Skypeian, and Human

Q: What is the Demon Fruit spawn time?

A: Every hour one spawns, despawns in 10 mins

Q: When my stats reset, will I lose my yoru/any other gamepass I bought???

*A: No you won’t *

Q: Will the game be paid when it releases?

A: Yes it will have a pre-order stage that will last between 2-3 days

This LIST could get updated time to time.

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