One Piece World Adventure - Looking for feedback![Closed]

HI guys me and my team have been working on a one piece inspired game for a few months now and we are searching for some feedback to improve the game.

Please give us your honest feedback we are truly trying to improve our game.
If u want to test some powers u can type /give FruitName ( Mera,Bara,Yami,Yuki )
then u will get a fruit equip it and click e to use it.

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I took some time to check out your game and I have to say it looks amazing,
But there were some Issues that I wanted you to know.

When I click the mute music button it seems the unmute button appears it a completely different location to where it had once been.

Feedback 3

The doors and houses seem to be quite small compared to you Roblox character.

Feedback 2

As you can see when I look at this specific tree for some odd reason half of it seems to go transparent, I tried this with other trees but it seems its just this one in particular.

Other than these few Issues it looks fantastic, and I wish you and your team the best of luck!


Looks pretty great not much I can comment on.

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