One Time No Limit DevEx Details


Hello Everyone,

I want clarify some details of the one time no limit DevEx opportunity that was mentioned in the "DevEx increase announcement”. If you do not plan on utilizing the developer exchange over the next few months feel free to ignore this post.

There is some confusion over the language used in the initial proposal that misconstrued our intentions. This proposal was initially meant to be a no “UPPER” limit opportunity for developers beyond the monthly maximum DevEx amount looking to start fresh. It was not initially planned to be an “any amount” exchange. However, after seeing the interest in the community regarding reaching a zero balance I am investigating expanding this option to include everyone's requests. This is not final, but I will be investigating.

Another point of confusion over this proposal has been around our timeframe for deployment and who will be eligible when that time arises. This proposal was established in response to developer feedback following the DevEx increase announcement and is not currently ready for deployment. If you are interested in this opportunity please reach out to the DevEx team as normal. Once we’ve collected the information of interested developers I will be personally reaching out to everyone to guide you through the process and explain how this system will be deployed.

Thank you,
Developer Relations


I emailed roblox a week ago and they said they just asked you about ir. Hope I hear something soon :smiley:


So you could DevEx like R$59,829 with this, now that there is no minimum limit?


I'd just love to get rid of my lower-value robux.

I have an awkward 150,000 right now, so that's why I want this "no-limit."


Hoping to hear about this too! :slight_smile:


If I devex normally instead, will my conversion rate be old rates only or will it be automatically calculated using old and new rates?

Say I had 100k when the cap picture was taken.
Now I have 250k.
If I then devex 250k will it then devex 100k for old rate and 150k for new rate?




Got source?


It's not related to the one-time devex, see the older thread for details on what you're asking:

Check the "What this means for you?" section in OP


Could be interpreted as all devex posted while not having spent old currency will exchange at old currency only.
I just wana be sure before I submit my devex again..


No no, I'm 100% sure it will be partially old and partially new rate as in your example. He says "up to the amount we have in the snapshot".

Also mentioned later on in the thread:

This confirms that you can cashout a mixture of old and new R$ at the same time