One-Time Restoration


I know this has been said before on the forum, but I am bringing it back to the surface. Roblox Customer Service has a policy in which if your account is compromised and your valuables/currency is stolen, your items can only be restored one time. While this is nice, it has a few flaws that I think can be fixed.


My account was recently compromised for the second time in its existence. The first time was a few years back, and a few limiteds as well as a bit of robux were taken from my account. Of course I asked Roblox Support for help, not knowing of my future problem that I am facing now. Thanks to Customer Service, my items and currency was returned, and everything went back to normal.

About a month ago, my account was breached yet again, this time with more serious consequences. The intruders not only stole thousands of dollars worth of robux and limiteds from my account, but they also managed to unlink my email, change my PIN number and my password, and turn off two step verification. This time, I was unable to get into my account, and had no idea what to do.

Luckily, Roblox Support was helpful enough to get me back into my account and reset my PIN and password for me. However, due to my restoration a few years prior to this, they were not able to restore my items or robux. While this frustrated me, there was nothing I could do about it. Currency worth thousands of USD were stolen from my account, and the only reason I could not get it back was because of a small restoration years before. I know many other accounts have experienced this same issue, some with even bigger issues than I had. This is a flaw in Roblox’s system, and there needs to be change.


There are many possible solutions for this problem. Perhaps a wait time between restorations, up to a couple years. Maybe even an increase in account security. Whatever the solution may be, something needs to be done. I hope we can get rid of this flaw in the system so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Thank you for your time.


The biggest flaw with the restoration thing is the in-consistency with how they treat the one-time restoration. (Linkmon99 is a HUGE example of someone whose been given multiple restorations.)

Would be nice if in the future they raise the limit to maybe 3, because life happens, and things get stolen.


I actually think I would be affected by this should my account ever be breached. A while back one I was trying one of those “click for robux” scam games just to see how it worked like if you input your pass and whatnot but you clicked a thing and the prompt purchase pops up but you’re clicking so it gets ya. All in all it was like 75 robux so not a big deal but I emailed Roblox about it seeing if they would take down the game. They end up refunding the 75 robux and making sure to note that they have a policy of one time restorations. I’m not sure if this really counts as an account restoration or not but it would be really sucky if I were unable to get a LOT of stuff back just because of a small 75 robux restore a few months ago.


There really shouldn’t be a limit at all. If you are compromised due to something out of your control (keyloggers, brute force) that is something unpreventable and not at the fault of the user


This can be highly abused though, I think a limit is needed, just a higher one. Of-course it should be looked into case-by-case.


Or just not get your account compromised :confused: No need for more than one restoration.


Honestly, I do feel bad about you losing all your items and robux, however I agree with the one-time restoration, just use separate strong passwords for different websites and don’t do anything or go anywhere dodgy.


Yeah, no.

If people really want to get into your account, they can if they have the right experience. It is unlikely as there are a lot of protection measures right now, but they could find a way through a bug, or just catch you offguard.

I have lost my own account a few years ago, was working on my game one night, went to sleep and woke up to my whole account being stolen and terminated. There were no password reset emails, nothing, it was as if Roblox did it themselves.

I asked multiple times over 2-3 years for them to give my account back, but they refused to do it without any proof of ownership. I only got my account back when I found some old emails I’ve sent to Roblox so I used those as proof of ownership and they finally unterminated the account and gave it back to me. To this day I still don’t know who took my account, how they took it, how they terminated it or what even happened at all.

If I ever need a restoration and I’m refused just because of something that was out of my control then that won’t be very fair.


You won’t get your account compromised if you use a strong password unique to your Roblox account; use 2fa; don’t give it out and don’t do or download anything dodgy.

If someone did manage to theoretically breach into the servers or databases where user information is stored, they’d first have to revert everyone’s information into readable form. Something like this would either be on a large scale or targeted at users who are well known, plus it would probably trigger a bunch of alerts for the staff so they could quickly respond and rollback any damages done.

A one-time restoration is sufficiently enough. If someone doesn’t learn to take care of their account after that, then they’re most likely never going to learn.


This is true. There seems to be this rampant fear that “this can happen to anyone!!!” but it really can’t.
Compromising accounts isn’t some fictional hackerman magic, it’s a combination of factors, from how common or long your password is to how much you trust files on the internet.
Unless there is a MAJOR security breach on Roblox’s end, there isn’t ever black hat magic yoinking your password out of thin air.


One restoration a year makes far more sense, it stops irresponsible kids from always having a backup if they try and get ‘free robux’ and stops responsible-ish unlucky developers from loosing their job!


You can’t lose your job when being compromised because you will always get your account back. This is about limiteds and robux being taken and not returned

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If a developer looses all their robux, they will have a rough few months (and in the case of skater) might quit. We use robux to advertise and all that


I mean speaking for me personally I never have more than one or two months income in my account because it’s drained when I DevEx. That might just be an anomaly though


This topic comes up several times, especially this particular one is set up exactly like the one below and offers the same solutions. A quick search before posting prevents a lot of repetition.

Also I continue to find it nonsense that anything about losing an account is out of someone’s control. As @Rerumu stated; unless it’s a security flaw in the Roblox systems it is not something that can and will happen to ‘just anyone’.


He already presented himself with the opening line with the following:

At the original post, I find that 1 restoration a year is much needed. I definitely want to see you return to Roblox, and hopefully they support your claim and help you out.


Yea, I also feel that that should be a 1-time restoration ever 6 months or a year. I’ve been compromised once before and I’m kinda shaky now. I have a browser that I only use for Roblox and one for basic internet browsing.


When you grow in popularity and wealth on Roblox, more and more people target you. It is hard to avoid every possible thing they throw at you. Occasionally, something new comes up and it gets you. Roblox’s current security measures can’t stop everything.


As someone who has managed a support email for phishing/hacked accounts at my university, keeping your account safe if you’re careful is a myth. Malicious actors are always devising new ways to break into accounts, and multiple high-profile employees at my school and developers on Roblox have been compromised in the past. This could be completely uncontrollable due to a Roblox vulnerability (e.g. the LinkedSource exploit), a zero-day attack no one has ever encountered before, or similar. Please rid yourself of the notion that accounts can be made unhackable.

I am locking this as a duplicate of the thread TaaRt linked, as everything said in this thread has been covered in the previous thread. Please continue this discussion there, and ensure what you’re posting hasn’t already been discussed.