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About Me
Currently 19 years old, I joined ROBLOX in 2010 and have been fond of studio ever since joining. I ended up finding my community on here on the past public forums on the sub-forum Roblox Talk (RT), later being accepted to the Dev Forum in Nov. 2017 (I left ROBLOX shortly after the public forum removal and came back a year later to find I was accepted.) After all this time though I thought I’d finally show off a portfolio as a builder. I was a participating developer in the 2020 egg hunt for the game Monsters of Etheria.

I am at basic proficiency with 3d model software!

I’d prefer to work with people who are leading projects to be adults or atleast act like adults :smiley:.
Currently available for hire.

Current Showcases:

This is heavily WIP but I believe hosts some great examples of my more higher detailed creations.

Ecetera Showcase buildings

Monsters Of Etheria

I’d recommend checking the game in its entirety to get a better scope of the map I made for the game; everything except the trees and some plants were done by me.

Environment Building

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Miscellaneous Work

Mid-level Detail:

Beach House

Minoan Ruins

Spell-Source (Unreleased)

Miscellaneous Buildings

Low-level Detail:

Power Plant



Miscellaneous Buildings


Etcetera and Unfinished Ideas:

WIP Terrain

Church Elements
Ribbed Vaults

Gothic Window Details

Pricing and requests

Prices are negotiable, mostly based on the amount of time it’ll require and level of detail asked.

When it comes to requests, please specify the following:

  • Time frame it needs to be completed

  • What genre/ style is being sought after, possibly providing reference images.

Please message me on the devforum to discuss; yes, I use discord as well. Please message me here before asking for my discord.


These builds are spectacular! Especially love this one the best:

Hope you get hired soon, you really do deserve it.

Available for hire again! Looking for more great opportunities to work on this great platform :smiley:!

@oneandonlyralph Whats your discord?

Hello what’s your discord please ?

Your builds blew me away! They are incredible and probably the best builds I seen so far! I am a beginner so no way I can build to that skill yet. You make at least 50k a build and that is where I am trying to be. Your work is a amazing and I wish the best for you bro! Continue this great work. :smiley:

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Available for hire/ commission; took a small break from the platform :grinning:

I highly recommend recommend hiring Oneandonlyralph if you’re looking for a builder. I have known him for many years and I can always rely on him if needed. He’s highly skilled and can make what you want in no time.

Interested in your work. My discord is DJSmooth1#6388.