OniiCh_n - The "I advocate Moon Animation Suite a lot" Animator

3/14/19 Update: I no longer do scripting commissions because they’re too time consuming for me.
Peep all my dev work as a whole HERE and most of my animation stuff HERE.

It’s really hard to fund both college and the art necessary for my project, AstRal:Hearts, so if you would like any animation work done, please hit me up.

All animations currently present in A:H were done by me, which is pretty much all I have for reference at the moment.

I’m relatively available due to my mastery of that hikikomori lifestyle.
I retract the previous statement, as college has proven otherwise.

In terms of pricing, I try not to work below my state’s minimum wage. (Currently $11/hr in California) We can negotiate the job’s final price after assessing how long it would take me, and even then, that cost won’t be final if it takes me longer than we discussed as a result of other obligations.
I do take Robux at the DevEx conversion rate so long as it meets the minimum wage.


I might come back to this. Hmmmm.


Reopened this bad boi because I may or may not be pushing a negative balance…

Heyo, I have an offer for animating! Could we talk on Discord?

Hey there. I’m interested and I’d like to discuss something

closed scripting commissions because i never have time to do them well, also added more portfolio work

Hello, you got some great stuff right there! I have a great offer for animating and I believe you are the one. Please contact me on discord on AlvinPolys#5233

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