#OniiRPG: Pre-"Pre-Demo" Combat Demo

Prepare yourself for melee combat like you’ve never played before on Roblox. Sayounara Studios’ first large-scale project is here!
#OniiRPG (working title) is an upcoming project I’ve been working on since March, and I’m proud to show off its fresh combat system!
As of right now, the system is still very much a work in progress. However, the core functionality is there and is honestly pretty fun to play.

I don’t really know how to sell it more to you guys, so here’s a feature list:

  • Super smooth camera commonly found in pretty much any Action RPG
  • Rough animations that do the job pretty well
  • Adorable slimes that are really weak
  • Targeting system that should be intuitive enough for even new players to get the hang of
  • More in the pipeline, will update as they release

Please come try it out and leave some feedback.
If you’d like to keep up to date with progress in real-time, considering following us on Twitter @OniiCh_n and @SayoStudios as well as joining our group!


Place looks awesome, I really like it. My only notable complaint is that the camera is a little too smooth/slow and hinders my movement.

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I would suggest changing your camera sensitivity within the in-game settings. Although, I see what you mean. I’ll look into how sharpening the camera feels in terms of gameplay.

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Reminds me a lot of NieR, which I assume is what inspired the combat. My only comment is that the combat feels a little sluggish, is it possible to increase the speed but reduce damage to maintain the same DPS?

It’s amazing otherwise.


need explosion magic


Nice demo - pretty cool attack movements, but it seems like there’s stamina involved, and I can’t see a visual gauge telling me when I’m allowed to make an attack.

Also, this can happen (disjointed arm stuck on sword scissor)

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Time to thonk. owo new attacc

Jokes aside, I got to tell the concept is quite well scripted. Keep up the good work!


Yeah this is a known bug on my end. It’s a result of my laziness to not properly check for welds and stuff.
Should have a fix for it later today.

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I appreciate the Kill La Kill sword reference. (Half the scissor blade)

Its a good start but the combat feels awkward, mainly it feels slow in the sense of the delay between each attack not making it feels smooth. Usually you have a set of skills or ways of performing combat that you can blend into. Knockback of enemies feels awkward as keeping up with them doesn’t really feel responsive.

Sound effects would help a lot as well in really getting a feel for the system.

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Reminds me of NieR: Automata except with the half scissor blade from Kill la Kill. I like this system, good work here. I really look forward to seeing the finished product.

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that is the end game, my dude. don’t worry, here at sayounara studios we make the good stuff