Onism Clothing is looking for a GFX Designer {LIFETIME}

Hello! Onism Clothing is looking for a Life Time GFX designer, This will include group icons, homestore icons, homestore thumbnails, etc. We are looking for a free artist, if not we could pay a little, we are on a tight budget and really need some icons. https://discord.gg/KVdyhR4 Join that if interested, Thanks! To clarify, by saying lifetime I mean maybe once a month making us 3 different icons with the same render.

No one will work at your place for a life time. Maybe be more realistic, because by the time I get a job at Blizzard or Amazon, I’ll be ditching Roblox Development.

No one would work for you their whole life. (lol)

And having them work for free? Not going to happen. Sorry.

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It’s once a month MAYBE
30 char

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Ok thank you for clarifying! I might be interested if I could get a small percentage!

What amount of percentage?
30 char

I’m interested! I have lots of experience with clothing group GFX. I don’t work for free, but my prices are some of the lowest you will find on the DevForum.

See my portfolio for examples/prices: [OPEN] SamWillGoHam's GFX

If you’re interested in my services, my Discord is on there as well- hope to hear from you!

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I can give a percentage or 34 robux that’s it

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