Only 5K visits from 260K R$ on ads?

it might be the game itself since your game looks pretty appealing

but also mushroom magnet simulator targets only people registered under 13

This is more of how you much you would get back then compared to now. Ads are totally doing worse than before. Also, why would you post something that is 1 year and 4 months old?

Never judge a book by its cover, the icon is totally not the issue. Have you advertised recently? If not, then there is no way you can give an opinion on why his ads are doing bad. A lot of people in here probably haven’t advertised recently and they are just assuming is just his ads.

No you came up with that conclusion all on your own. I merely pointed out that his robux didnt take him anywhere compared to my sponsor with a little better CTR. Something is up and its not really the icon he chose.

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You probably would have had slightly better results if you broke up that 260K over several days as there’s only so many people that can see the AD on one given day. If you broke it up over several days you’d reach more people that may not have been playing ROBLOX yesterday.

  1. The advertisements appear to have completely no connection with the actual game, people may click it thinking something funny or interesting would be there but just a simulator.
  2. You shouldn’t have went all in, I’ve seen a ton of DevForum posts about the most efficient strategies on advertising. You should slowly work your way up with little 5k increments, and never really go all in with a whopping 260k.
  3. I didn’t really play the game, but what makes players want to play this instead of magnet simulator or pet simulator x? You need to interest the player within the content of the thumbnail and description.
  4. Too long of a name: This one is self explanatory, the game itself has an incredibly long name which is unrecognizable for users coming back to rejoin the game.

Yeah, I have an adblocker, so I don’t see that many ads anymore. I can’t even remember the last time I saw an ad to be honest.

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Ad blockers stop ads from loading, so it isn’t related to that.

This is usually likely to happen, but not this bad. I spend close to 10k on ads, and normally get tons of clicks… but do they click the play button? No. That’s what I hate about ads on roblox, but whatever!
Btw. I saw the ads for this game, played it and left a thumbs up. I loved it**

Actually it is. If the ad doesn’t load and I can’t see it, that’s a potential factor for an add not reaching many people.

No it isn’t, their point is that person’s ad view doesn’t count as an impression in that case.

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Oh. So what your saying is that the website automatically detects ad-blockers and if detecting one, doesn’t count it?

Ad blockers stop an ad from even being loaded in the first place, so of course it isn’t going to count an impression.


Spending everything on a very short amount of time is just deteriorating. I’ve done a 180k robux ad for 400M impressions and 45K clicks over 3 days starting a friday, which is the best opportunity possible.

Here are a few things wrong to me :

  • spending everything in a super short amount of time
  • not appealing icons (not unique, not appealing, scam looking…)
  • Quality of the game (+ if it’s unique? Appealing? Laggy? Glitched?)
  • the day the ad started (recommending Fridays or Saturdays)
  • the moment of the day it started (US day time or outside of it?)
  • And finally the reason of the ad (game release? update? Testing?)

And finally, you should not expect any profits from ads only at all. You need to already have an audience that doesn’t come out from anywhere, a decent player base to encourage the player to join because of the high amount of players, and finally few Youtubers to make your game known for free (if possible).

That way, that ad could have been much more efficient, and possibly enhance current revenue


You’ve said “2.[…] I’ve seen a ton of DevForum posts about the most efficient strategies on advertising.” Where can I find this? I’m deserperate to find more advices on advertising, since I’ve been building strategies all on my own.

Are you for hire? I need someone to help me with Marketing Management haha. Can I dm you about this if you’re interested?

The ad design is exactly where you went wrong. I compiled a gallery of good-looking Ads here, which you can hopefully use to get inspiration from.

Don’t listen to this User, they quite literally have no idea what they’re talking about…

A few notes about your game itself:

  • It looks very visually appealing, which is great
  • There seems to be very noticeable server-side lag
  • You should direct the Player towards the objective upon joining. When I joined, I had no clue what exactly to do, but I turned around and assumed I go down the ramp and run into Mushrooms. Kids who are much younger and less experienced won’t always assume this and are more likely to leave. Using an arrow, or even spawning the Player directly at the ramp, facing the direction of collecting mushrooms would help.
  • I experienced a bug with collecting one specific diamond, the one in front of the ramp, slightly to the right of the light post.
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Clickbait meme/trend ads that show nothing about your game. That’s why you have a ridiculously high CTR yet no actual users hitting play on your game.

This is why it’s important that you test your ads and icons out with a smaller amount of robux before you blow a majority of your funds on ads. Test it out with smaller amounts on different icons and ads first. Once you have an ad/icon that performs well, you then spend more funds on it.

To test multiple icons at the same time, we can copy what GameFam does. They simply make 5+ places with different icons that teleport to the main game. Genius! We should all be using this strategy.


Your sponsor ran back in 2020 when sponsors had a different layout than the current layout in 2022.