Only 5K visits from 260K R$ on ads?

Hello everyone! Yesterday me and my team spent 260K total on ads/sponsor. 75K on two ads (both having 1+ CTR, and one sponsor for 110K).

I was very confused to see that we only got 80 concurrent players from spending this much, and not only that but only reached around 5K visits.


Game : Mushroom Simulator 🍄 - Roblox

Why are my visits so low? We didn’t get anywhere near enough visits to profit. Any help is appreciated.


Well, no offense but those ads look pretty clickbait. Clickbait ads get you clicks but rarely get you players, because likely the people clicking on the ads think it will lead to something entirely different than what is there.

Your sponsor seems to have not done well either, 20 robux per click and 61 robux per play is not very good at all. Unfortunately, it might be that your game just isn’t appealing to the majority of players.


When joining servers, they seem to really enjoy the game. It’s just that we do not have many people joining. We are getting a new icon today because I was told ours is bland and unappealing by some larger devs. We also changed the name around a bit since it didn’t make much sense. Getting a new thumbnail as well, should hopefully fix things a bit.

I have to agree with @Ty_Scripts here, the advertisement does look like a mobile ad in all honesty.

I don’t honestly see any issue with the icon though.

The CTR is pretty decent imo as well.


I believe the ads are very misleading. Sure you may have gotten clicks but it seems to me you are not retaining any players. Could it be people being baited into clicking on the ad and then joining the game only to be disappointed with what they saw?

I would try to show some ingame footage on the ad itself. Maybe capture the cool parts of the game in a screenshot and then add it to an ad with captions.

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tbh i think that spending robux on game ads is just bad its like this
would be better if you use google ads or some other stuff to advertise or just use discord servers or roblox groups for that


Won’t google ads be risky though as users aren’t already on Roblox? You may also get non-Roblox players shown the ad. I’d be interested to hear how effective it is from someone who has done it (if anyone has) because I know there are a lot of settings on google ads but I feel you’ll potentially get too many of the wrong people seeing it to make it worth it

The reason I’m assuming no one has done it or not many have is because from my experience I’ve never seen a Roblox game ad on YouTube/elsewhere on the web. I’ve only ever seen promotions for like ‘Roblox coding courses’ lol

well i also added more options tbh and idk much bout google ads and yes ik many people seeing it dont play roblox but hey pretty sure half of the people here have a discord account

You did get 1+ CTR so it didn’t do too bad. Not many people click on ads these days tbh.

So your ads looks clickbait I recommend using a more appealing type of ads just like how your icon looks like! and also asking devforum users for feedback on ads because most people here give honest replies.

what ways are there to use discord to promote your game?! :eyes:

im interested… lol

servers I suppose lol. Nothing else

The first issue is clickbait; people probably click the ad and realise it’s not what they’re after.

I would recommend using YouTube or TikTok to advertise. TikTok is free, and you can pay a Youtuber to promote your item.
Please do not use google ads. Terrible for Roblox and business and in general.

A lot of people in these thread are saying that your ads are clickbait and that you should get better ads. Let me tell you something, no matter which ad you do you will be getting less clicks than you would have gotten if you were to advertise like 5 months ago.

For some reason all ads are doing terribly, last time I asked and someone said there is an inflation on ads. That’s all I can say about that.

5 months ago I were to advertise with just 2k Robux and I would get 2.3k clicks. Now with the same amount I get 600-700 clicks. That said, it has gotten worst.

Ignore those comments about making an ad on Google, who would even outside the website click to play a Roblox game, they probably don’t even have an account yet. People aren’t seeing that we are talking about GAME ADS, not random ads that pop up in YouTube or in any website. Who wouldn’t love to try a new game?

In my opinion your ads are great (though make some of them related to the game and not “memes”, won’t change anything though), the icon is perfect, you do not need to change it. I got the same comments not long ago and that my game was a total disaster and the game is currently doing pretty good.

I also wanted to say that I am kinda mad at you for spending such amount on Sponsor Ads. You gotta test first at least with just 2k. You just wasted a bunch of money there for nothing. Sponsor Ads are the worst from all the ads considering that Roblox just limited sponsors to ONE SORT and when people SEARCH a game.

That said, I believe you gotta wait or idk honestly. I made a simulator recently and advertised. Did it do good? Totally not.


Now I low-key wanna try that because it could be useless if they don’t have an acc. That way it would send them to the signup page instead of your game. So it could definitely be an interesting experiment as it could be better than roblox ads aswell.

exactly my point

especially redirection on mobile you’d be missing out on a whole demographic because you cant advertise to mobile people as you can’t have them redirected to a specific part of the roblox app and I’m pretty sure most of Roblox’s playerbase is children on mobile

I guess at this point the cheapest and most effective way to get a roblox game out there is to pay content creators.

yeah issue is content creators will charge a lot. I’ve never tried to pay one myself, however having a few YouTuber friends I know how well sponsors pay, and this will lead to the pricing of their videos to be very high. Thankfully the likes of Russo does play games for free, as the game is actually providing him content, however its like impossible to get in contact with him lol

The ads are extremely misleading. No wonder you got 5k visits.

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People are mentioning it looks clickbaity. I’m not commenting on whether it looks like that or not, but the stats look wrong.

Here is an example of my own Phone+Tablet

My CTR was 33% better than yours, but somehow my 15k robux resulted in 29.6k attributed visits while your 110k robux resulted in 1.8k attributed visits. My investment was 119x better than yours. Something looks broken.