Only Allow Ratings From People Who Owns The Game


I just want you to know that I definitely see the OP’s point, that ratings can be unfairly deserved due to no fault of the developer. When XBO support was launched, I had a large influx of players who disliked my game, Lava Tumble because the game is already hard, and it’s even harder to play with a controller, and at the time there was no way to disable console access. Can’t beat Unfair Man, I guess.


Yeah :disappointed_relieved:

There was this other suggestion I had about displaying only recent ratings:


Perhaps you could have a “free trial” version of the game to give players a taste before they purchase, instead of making the main game free every weekend.


The problem with that is that I would have to make duplicates of every dev product for the trial game.


You continue to prove my point.
You are trying to dictate what opinions are and are not valid and censor what you consider invalid.
Thats entirely subjective, but you are projecting it as some fact.
People can downvote for whatever reason they want regardless if you think its valid or not.
Trying to dictate valid/invalid opinions sets a dangerous precedence.

You can generally like a game but have one factor that makes it a deal breaker for you. For many that seems to be the way you do paid access.


You are discounting the fact that since the game was free, people joined without the weight of having spent 150 robux on the game(they had no post-purchase rationalization/Choice-supportive bias) and therefore people felt more free to have a negative opinion of the game and more people downvoted it. You took the risk of lowering a paid/early access games paywall, and the rating fell. Almost all paid access games ratings lower when they go free to play and lose the benefit of post purchase rationalization, and you lowered your paywall before the game was complete, so players rated it based on its current state.

Do what others have suggested and make a free to play version that you open separately next time.


Actually, the ratings were stable throughout the weekend, meaning that it wasn’t the “post purchase rationalization” keeping the ratings up. It only fell AFTER paid access was turned on and it didn’t fall just a bit. It fell by MORE THAN TEN PERCENT now.


I may be late but after reading this I disagree with it. It can be abused by when someone is going to mass dislike it at a specific time a dev could set paid access at an extremely high cost.

I would recommend two games, one which is paid access and one which opens only on weekend for free