Resetting likes/dislikes or displaying only recent ratings


I spent months creating a high quality R15 shooter game a while ago and due to the long waiting time between rounds and the high learning curve, it has accumulated quite a lot of dislikes (67% rating). Seeing the players’ discontent with my game, I’ve decided to reconfigure a huge portion of my game mechanics recently to cater to the new players.

With these huge changes, the ratings no longer accurately reflect the game, but there is no way to reset the likes/dislikes ratio without migrating the game to a new place(this would result in the loss of saved data).

Roblox should allow developers to reset their game ratings once or twice a year or display only ratings within the past few months. A lot of games have game breaking bugs or rage inducing gameplay during their infancy stages, resulting in numerous dislikes, but these votes should not be retained if the developers address these issues and improve their games. Only recent ratings would properly reflect the current state of a game.

Only Allow Ratings From People Who Owns The Game
Design Changes to Game Tiles (Limited Rollout)

I disagree with having the option to reset the rating (even with the limit of once or twice per year, it’s still ripe with manipulation opportunities), but only relying on recent ratings does sound like a good idea and a more accurate reflection of a game’s overall quality.


TBH i think it would be better to do what the app store does which is show the ratings for the newest version by default and have an option to see the overall game rating (sorry @PhoenixSigns but it still works out ;3)


Well obviously, the newest version wouldn’t work for Roblox considering how often games are updated as compared to apps in the store, but ratings for the most recent few versions depending on the date would definitely be nice.


I don’t support. It would often encourage false ratings, as scam games can just reset their ratings if they get too many dislikes. I would like to see something similar to what @Acreol suggested.


yea thats a good idea


I’d do it like steam, where it has Recent reviews, and overall.


That’s why I suggested a limit to reset frequency. Scam games are going to be taken down within a few days, long before they can reset their ratings.


I support this idea, but it requires more security. This means maybe it would cost a hefty Robux fee to purge the ratings, and even more of a fee if you want to purge a certain amount (either likes or dislikes). Additional enforcements could be a cooldown time such as one purge per six months…


Yeah exactly, VVV


If there’s a fee involved(fee = less resets), then maybe these rating resets can even be approved by mods to prevent exploitations of the feature.


Precisely. I was gonna include ‘moderator review’ as an additional enforcement but I thought it would be too absurd-sounding… guess not.

Just like how changing a username costs 1000 Robux, a ratings purge could cost five times more for a whole purge and ten times more for an amount purge.


Roblox will probably never implement rating resets – sorry. Displaying recent? That’s much more doable.


By amount purge, do you mean just shaving off dislikes? That doesn’t seem like a good idea because a lot of clickbait games bring in a decent amount of revenue so they’ll be able to afford purging dislikes.

  • Main page percentage should only show the past month’s average.
  • Gamepage should have a ‘Ratings History’ page that shows a chart of how ratings have went, and you can go all the way back to when the game first started to see how the percentage has changed
  • Alerts on the game’s page if there has been an abrupt number of dislikes (over 50% worse, or if a certain threshold of dislikes happen) within the span of a couple weeks, which can help quickly identify scams as they’re usually disliked as soon as they get botted to the top
    – The alert should only show for a week or two, so games that are met poorly when first released are still able to recover. Since the rating percentage on the main page only shows the recent month, it should gradually increase assuming the game fixes its issues.


I’m fine with any feature that allows a game to “redeem” itself.


I definitely agree with this, especially the points regarding scam games.


Like I said, purging an amount would require even more of a fee in Robux, so scam games won’t really have much of a chance if they get taken down in <3 days.


But what about clickbait games?


Purging isn’t going to happen, so you guys don’t need to discuss whether it’s feasible or not.