Only display friends' feed if you are following them

Even though I may be someone’s friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to hear about their day. I don’t follow all of my friends because of this. It’d be nice if the feed showed statuses from just followers and not friends. Example (I’m not following Pixxels or Usering):

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Now I’m glad that I have friends who only update once every week or so

Yes, and it would also be nice if you could be in a group but unsubscribe to their shouts.


Being able to unsubscribe from things is a good idea, support.



but yeah, it would be nice to toggle this

Friends’ status’ in my feed is getting annoying. Please fix.

Very reasonable… I agree with this!

Yeah, 100% support this.

I hide content not useful to me with adblock, so I get to see the first item in my feed without having to scroll:

If Friend Activity and Favorites aren’t very useful to you and feed is important to you, you should hide Friend Activity and Favorites so you can see your feed a bit.