Only selecting visible parts with selection tool

Is there a way to box-select parts that are visible?

for example, if I make a selection box like the picture below I would only select the two parts in front, instead of all the possible parts in the selection box


Unfortunately, you have to select the parts manually by holding either Ctrl or Shift and clicking each part.
Blender has a feature like this called “Limit Selection to Visible” but there is no direct equivalent to that in Roblox Studio. You can always request the feature if it hasn’t already been in Studio Features.

The thing I do which if in large mass can be time staking, is just hold control and select everything individually. Another strategy though is if you want something you know you’ll move to be seperate from other things around it, consider using folders or renaming everything to be similar so they will always be together, so you can easily highlight it in the explorer.