OnServerInvoke - Player argument is equal to nil

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In my Google Analytics service I see that sometimes the first argument of OnServerInvoke (The Player instance) is equal to nil. I have literally no clue how that is happening, we are doing nothing weird (We don’t parent our RemoteEvents to nil or something in that nature.)

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Rarely. Currently I have 20 - 30 events of the issue in a time span of 30 minutes.

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  • When did the bug start happening? If we can tie it to a specific release that helps us figure out what we broke.

It started happening in the last days… Hard to pinpoint a time to it.

If you need any information, please ask.

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I have reviewed the code and we appear to have correct general safeguards for only calling the function for OnServerInvoke with a non-null player. There is a definite bug if the RemoteFunction is not currently inside the DataModel when InvokeServer happens, is it possible that some code is triggering InvokeServer while your game is being closed/cleaned up? Are there any transition cases where RemoteFunctions are added or removed from the game?

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Adding to what @LordRugdumph said, do you have remotes in any Workspace objects that might get destroyed? Characters?

This is the only case I know of where it would be nil if the client sets the remote event parent to nil. This could be down to someone running code on the client side.

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