Oof Simulator | v1.0.1 - Beta

Oof Simulator By BaldisFriend
Here’s where info about Oof Simulator is posted!


  • No Spamming - 24 Hour Mute
  • No Exploiting - Perm Ban
  • No Hacking - Perm Ban
  • No Cheating - Perm Ban
  • No Advertising (Such as advertising your YT channel.) - 1 Day Ban
  • No Scamming - 14 Day Ban
  • More rules coming soon.

How To Play:
To play, simply just test out the sound board of oof’s in the gui on the left or right of your screen, if you want to disable music, put the oof soundboard on the right of your screen, or even put low detail on, you can do that by pressing the gears in the right bottom corner, also known as the Settings, other settings may be put in the GUI for the settings in the future as I continue to progress and update the game, if you want to know the version of the game simply just look in the description of the game or the left bottom corner of your screen and it’ll say for example: “Version: v1” or whatever the version of the game is.

When will beta be done, and oof simulator will be released?
Answer: Nobody know’s, but could be around v1.2.0.

What game on ROBLOX did the game get the idea from?
Answer: The game OOF!

More Q&A coming soon!

Rewards for playing as a beta tester:
For playing as a beta tester on the game until release you get:

  • An exclusive item/multiple exclusive item’s

v1.0.1 Beta Update Log:

  • Fixed the position of the right oof gui which can be enabled in the Settings.
  • Fixed Setting button’s position to line up with the game instead of the studio

v1.0.2 Beta Update Log:
There has been no updates yet to continue into v1.0.2.
Please try:

  • Waiting patiently
  • Checking the game’s version every day to see if it has been updated to v1.0.2
  • Using your idea to wait through the process of the game being updated.
  • Learning how to wait patiently