Oops not enough robux

I dont have much robux from selling stuff on roblox but i have 200 and i was wondering if anybody would do like a idk 1 minute track of something that fits my game its not much robux but i was hoping somebody might be up to do it for 200 robux i have never hired before so idk if thats too little for what i’m asking for
please tell me in comments if i am asking for too much for the amount i’m just looking for music that’ll not sound bad in my game thats basiclly it fits it idk again i am sorry if i am asking for too much at this price


For music, you have to pay thousands of Robux. You should start small and find free music from websites that has non copyrighted audio. You can also record audio with Audacity too. But do not use copyrighted audio EVER. It can get your game banned.


Thanks for the feedback i didnt know if it was too little


Depends on what you expect, 0.7 Cent irl, well,
people wouldn’t even edit it, they’ll probably just play a random tune on an electric piano and send it to you if they’re super nice

Yeah, Roblox library is also good, some famous games use Roblox music

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