[OPEN – $1000/300K R$] Experienced and Active Scripter Needed

Scripter Hiring

About The Job

(Ages 15+)
Greetings, I’m looking for an expert scripter who is both able to comprehend other scripters’ code and exhibit coding proficiency/knowledge of rblx API. I have several incomplete projects that are on hold due to the lack of a scripter. Your job would involve barebone coding of features and framework, so you would be provided clear instructions and resources. I don’t expect you to create or devise anything, you need you only code what is asked for, though creativity is appreciated.

My hope is to find a long-term coder who can facilitate the release of several upcoming games of mine. I reiterate, your job will be purely coding, the other aspects will be handled by myself. I may put you to editing code for a few of my spinoff games. Payment is dependent on your own preference. We can negotiate further in that regard.

Don’t take this job if you’re someone who can’t commit to a job or you’re super indecisive. This is an opportunity that has great potential and demands singular attention. Many of my workers are earning steady streams of passive income as a result of these games. My expectations aren’t too high in hiring, as long as you are an expert and work on a timely basis you are a perfect candidate. Datastores, CFrame, and monetization systems are some of the things you’ll be coding.

About Us

I’m hiring for my studio, Vanity Studio, which requires long-term and short-term coders who will receive a consistent stream of work from us. We’ve released several successes.

Payment Options:

Robux: 150k-250k per Project
Real Money: $500-$1000 per Project
Percentage: 15-35% per Project
*Payments may be given in installments after completion of major features
*You may also request a hybrid payment

Contact Us

Contact me via Discord or post your Questions below

*Take note, we emphasize availability and speed


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