[OPEN 0/3] yh8 || 3D Modeler & Builder


Now accepting any commission regardless the price but, I will be prioritizing commissions orders that are over 400k robux / devex equivalent !

Building since 2014
Modeling since October 2019 using Blender for majority of my assets!

I am a contributor/developer to a few of games/groups!

Former Roblox Accelerator (Fall 2020)
Owner of Vibe Tower (unreleased)
Owner of Ask Me Anything
Owner of yh8’s difficulty chart obby (unreleased)
Developer for Highrise Tycoon
Developer for World’s Game Shows
Contributor to Outlaster
Contributor to Rare Name Hangout
Contributor to Skate Park
Contributor to Absolute Zero!
⊂(^ₒ ^)⊂

The models below are all the models I’m most proud of since I started modeling! (Along with some renders to capitalize on the assets/scenes as well! ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
P.S. I am not a texture artist! (atm) I have quite literallyNO idea how to texture! Please do not commission me to do textures/expect me to do textures! Thank you!



Fishing Dock

Board Game Cafe

Game Jam 2020 || w/ EvilArtist, sircfenner, cr8ee, younite & hlelo_wolrd

Vibe Tower Rooms/Secret Rooms


UGC Concepts

Donuts w/ recolors

Halo’s w/ recolors

Umbrella’s w/ recolors




Peaspod (Dev House UK)


Main Map

Pirate Island


Special Backpacks

Regular Backpacks/Hessian Sacks

Special Blenders

Regular Blenders (4 styles)


I’m usually available 3-4 days a week depending on what’s going on. You’ll always be informed immediately if any situation(s) come up to where I won’t be working!

I usually begin working an hour after I wake (it’s not consistent so I couldn’t really tell 'ya) and stop at around 8-10 PM (PST)! ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )

Prices can vary depending on what you’re looking for! Also, can be discounted or tampered with if needed! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

You must pay 50% upfront and the other half when the job is finished. (you pay first, then I give the model(s)/build(s).
If you cancel your order while I am working you will not be refunded.
If you want anything extra added on or you want more added while I am building/once the job is done you will be required to pay extra.
If you are paying via Gamepasses you will be required to cover the 30% fee!

I accept USD or :robux_light: group funds (not t-shirt)

Rates (robux or devex equivalent)
Maps : 735k+
Buildings/Areas : 250k+ (3D Modeled) || 525k+ (Parts)
Small Assets : 15k+
Decor-like assets : 50k+ (usually bought in bundles)

If you want to talk/hire me, you’re able to contact me on these platforms! (≖ᴗ≖✿)

Discord: gena#5678
RBLX Messages
Dev Forum Messages


This is a very pleasing portfolio, nice job!


Just 4 months in modeling? :clap: That is impressive. Amazing portfolio.


I have worked with yh8 for more than 1-2 months and for that short amount of time I can say that this person is extremely talented! There are many amazing works which I have never seen. I recommend you hiring her! :grin:


I’ve known yh8 “the tree specialist” for a while and I hired her for 3D modelling trees on three games with my development team.

She is an excellent worker and a reliable 3D modeler.
I am highly satisfied with her 3D modelling service, her 3D modelling is extremely amazing!
I would totally recommend hiring yh8! :smile:


Absolutely amazing builder and asset maker. Highly recommend.


I have been working with yh8 “the tree specialist” for quite some time now. She is extremely talented and positive. She learns extremely quick and is very pleasing to work with. Id definitely recommend her!

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I’ve been working with yh8 aka “tree specialist” for some time already and i can she the effort she puts on her work

She’s a really talented builder aswell as a friendly person, i love her work

You should commissions her!

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Do you only do Cartoony style or can you also do realistic builds

I can do realistic, but it’s not my preferred style entirely! It just depends on what you’re looking for

I recommend her, her builds are super smooth, seen some of her work, really really good.

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This is a really nice portfolio for someone who’s spent a small while modelling and a long time building haha. :smile:

All this work looks incredible and I look forward to potentially working with you someday should I require some help!

Once again, this stuff is amazing. Well done :clap:

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I’ve added you on Discord. I’d like to talk about a proposition I have for you.

Worked with yh8 and can say she produced an outstanding final outcome, exceeding my expectations. Highly recommend!


highly recommend working with yh8, amazing quality w matching prices and she wont leave you disappointed!


For four months in 3D modeling, she gets better and better every day! All I have to say is Tree Queen.

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hey! i would love to hire you but i already have a 3D modeler. if you are interested in being our texturer, we can pay 70-150$. message me on discord. phorba#8385

I sent you a friend request on Discord, would love to have you on my team!

I heard you model vegetation and sent you a DM on Twitter with more information! I’m the one looking for batch of bountiful bamboo.


as a tree modeler myself these trees recieve the AshCraft Seal of Approval

everything else recieves that as well; good stuff pls hire yh8 thx