[OPEN] $100-300 USD+ | Builder needed for Stewed

Hey im a builder contact me at discord
User id#1086

Accept my request please, Citez#8767

I don’t have a large portfolio but I have experience. https://jellojoshie.portfoliobox.net/
Add me if you are interested: Jellojoshie#3883


sent a friend request on discord!

I am an experienced Builder/GFX Designer/Animator/Basic Scripter/Graphic Designer with 6 years of experience. I have provided a small amount of examples of my past work below. Please contact me at (Unique#2978) if interested


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I’m very interested in this position.

Portfolio link: [CLOSED] k1rboo | Intermediate - Experienced Builder, Game Designer and Translator§
Please note that I have more screenshots to show you via discord DMs.
My discord: kirb.is.awesome#6974.

Looking forward to talking with you.
Stay safe,
j_veu | John

Hey, I am interested in creating a cafe for you… Check my portfolio via the link! Veteran builder, modeler

I am interested. I have around 2 years of experience building roleplay based games that are similar to cafes like bakeries, restaurants, etc. This is my portfolio, [CLOSED] xM_ani - Low Poly Builder, however, there are currently no examples of my cafe builds because I rarely do them anymore but I can showcase if you can add me back on Discord @xM_ani#6701

Portfolio: {Open}EnviedBuilding's Portfolio: Building and more - #3 by pushy1511
Discord: Kade#4617

You arent accepting discord requests. h.#5375

Interested in the position, but you’re not accepting friend requests on Discord right now. My discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio. (CLOSED)[Builder Portfolio] crafter585 | Builder for Hire

Hello! I’m a heavy advanced studio builder, as well with 3D modeling. I can show you a portfolio that you will absolutely love, add me first. debruben#6782

Hey, interested.

This position is still open! Please comment below with a link to your portfolio so I can check out your work! Thanks!

Add me back SamRBX#7330, i have a lot of past experience, hope i fitt in

Sadly, I am not interested. Thanks so much for your interest though!

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Hi, could you possibly put some of your work in a reply? I prefer to see your work, then add people.

dude what its this,its amazing woo never see some one that good add me on robllox , i could pay you over 10k robux

Sadly, I am not interested. Thanks for your interest in this position though!