Veteran builder, modeler


it is my pleasure to finally present this broad recollection of my works done over the period of more than 5 years. My guess is I can be considered to be a veteran builder as I have been creating on roblox since 2010, nonetheless works prior to 2015 will not featured as its quality may vary.

My work is interdisciplinary, as I am capable of overlooking both creative direction and producing assets, such as 3D models, maps, 2D graphics etc. I have knowledge of all adobe programmes, blender 3D, a bit of substance painter and other 3rd party software used in asset creation… and roblox studio of course.


I would like to stress out that over a couple of years I have developed my own style and approach to work with. I more than willing to experiment with different styles, but as long as I have my own creative freedom. I believe for my approach to be intelligent, as I try to keep poly and part count to minimum, and simultaneously deal with visual problems of game design whether for it be spatial or two dimensional.

It is also extremely important for the development process to be democratic and for everyone to have a say and ability to impact the possible outcome of the project. I do believe in my artistic authority to be of high importance and will want to have my thoughts regarding the design to be valued as such.


3D assets, including vehicles

car1 car2 car3

Indoor environments

Outdoor environemnts, cityscapes

As you can see that I indeed enjoy creating cityscapes and outdoor environments, but it does not mean I am not capable of other, on the contrary, I would love to try something new and explore things I have been able to grasp only on surface yet!


I am mostly available on weekend, sometimes on workdays, as I am currently studying bachelor and would like for this to be a side hobby for me to enjoy some free time creating. Nonetheless, I work fast, that is why my tight schedule should not be worrisome. It is also important to mention that I am currently in Europe, therefore preferably CET time.


Prices are negotiable, but it definitely would be either a percentage or a hourly pay in USD/EUR for a bigger project. I am not interested in commissions under 100K Robux, because as explained above, I have found myself to be of high value with a respectfully reasonable price. Exceptions can be made depending on personal interested of the project.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Roblox DMs or via Twitter at:

vanletts, Justin


It has been a pleasure working with Justin over the last 5 years on a multitude of projects, he shows dedication to each and every task, no matter how big or small.

He’s passionate for design and compliments any project we have undertaken with his blender expertise and master brick work, never failing to amaze.

I can vouch for all of the above work and more.


I’ve known Justin for a long time, his work speaks for itself. He’s dedicated enough to work on massive projects, as seen in his city builds, a rare trait on Roblox.

He values his creative control and his work holds up to his high standards and great decision making skills, making him very proactive and a great inspiration to the rest of the team.

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Your building is impressive. I look forward to working with you in the future!

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